LED bar Ziny Racing 40W

Tax included

Conforms FFSA

Sizes : 80cm * 11cm

Characteristics :
- White light 6000k
- 3400 Lumens
- 40W (10W/Led)
- Lifespan 30 000h
- 4 LEDs (24/vehicle maximum according to FFSA)

Harness supplied (wiring, switch, fuse )

1 year warranty



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Aluminum diecast housing.
Supports stainless steel fasteners.
Lateral and vertical mountings to ensure the best a fixed setting to avoid to set the ramp each mounting.
Total tightness against dust and water, ensuring optimal protection for use at rallies.
Combined beam  to ensure the best visibility.
1 year warranty in case of electronic failure within the ramp.

Regulatory Rally: In national and regional events, the LED modules are permitted, provided you do not exceed a total maximum of 6 additional headlights or 24 additional LED modules maximum. 1 flagship will be equivalent to 4 LED modules (See illustration of an LED module below). The headlights mix / LED module is allowed in respect of equivalence and the maximum permitted above. Source: Executive Office of the FFSA of 28 October 2015.

This reference is the equivalent of 1 lighthouses.

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